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A tad bit lazy

so if you don’t know now you know!

we have opened 3 new locations in the GTA. That’s a big freakin deal for us.

Eatons center is our flagship store

Sherway gardens is our pop up till jan 2016

vaughn mills is our outlet.

Im in shock too. Maybe because we’ve been working 60 hours a week or maybe because we’re so excited and happy with the feedback and results. Either way it’s our pleasure to serve and get to know you all better face to face on itty bitty hours of sleep.

Did you know it’s uber hard to stand for hours on end. Somehow with the help of Dr.shcolls from our local shoppers drug mart we are making it happen.

Really in all honesty I #1 want to make you aware that we are present and available and #2 let you know how thankful and overwhelmed we are with all your support. It really does mean a lot to our small company and those who have joined us

from our family to yours we salute you and send extra big high fives on the house

come visit us!

Ps we love Starbucks lemon loafs  (just sayin)  😉




Hey Y’all!

Its the time of the year where we open our warehouse up to the public and blast out amazing deals.
Mens and Ladies Spring 14 goodies for 8 days only. If youre in the GTA area come and get your deals on.

May 7th – 10th and May 14th – 17th
Weekdays Noon to 8pm and Weekends 10am to 6pm
Haight & Ashbury Headquarters
88 Wingold Ave
Toronto ON M6P1P5

See you guys there!

Double Winter = Double Spring

Really? Really Toronto, more snow? What is this a city for ants?!

All our Spring is in stock but this weather really isnt helping with getting the goods on bodies. 

We better get the longest most Indian summer out there possible. I want to sweat it out till I cannot sweat no more. 

That being said some excitement and positive thoughts are a comin your way. 

WE, Haight & Ashbury have launched our womenswear collection and #boom its in full bloom. 



Look at all these pretty birds of a feather. This collection is HOT and Toronto Based! 

Keep an eagle eye out at a store near you to find these goodies. 

Admire and love

-H&A team

Past Leather Weather

Ummmm Hello sun? Where are you? How did the colors of Fall so quickly scanter the winds of Winter.

Im just going to teleport myself back to a few weeks ago when it was my favorite time of year.. *drum roll please* LEATHER WEATHER!!! Lets recap:


Distressed motorbike leather jacket. Has all the imprints of the days and years you have worn it. This is the piece you grab when youre running out the door and know its going to look amazing with everything. Giving you that I dont care yet look rad outfit.



Boots, boots and boots! Who doesnt love a biker boot. Slouchy denim or paired even with a tweed trouser. Make sure your boots look good as they can add so much to ones entire look.


Fur counts in the leather category right? Shown here is our Haight & Ashbury Grange Hill peacoat in charcoal ($375) This melton wool beauty has been accessorized with a vintage fox fur collar which can be found at any vintage store. Adds a little “Boardwalk Empire” dapper to your average preppy peacoat.


For your fashion forward man the elusive leather pant. These are pretty common now a days in a trouser or trackpant look. If you can pull it off my friend I can go for it!

“People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.”
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/leather.html#QjAYcCyJEfKkkUKI.99

Haight & Ashbury Fall 2013

A couple weeks ago we put together our look book for our Fall 2013 collection. We layered our boys up and and broke into an old abandoned church. Here is what we came up with.







H&A Fall 2013-6988

H&A Fall 2013-7008

H&A Fall 2013-7031

H&A Fall 2013-7044

H&A Fall 2013-7105







You cant say this collection is not to swoon over!

Shot by http://www.photographybyneeto.com/

Double Breasted (Thats what she said?)

ANNNNNND They are back, but have they ever really left? The double breasted suit has been a staple in the menswear lala land. Not always seen worn the proper way and often resembles your grandfathers suit passed down from generation to generation. BUT NOT ANY MORE! We have recreated this historic look in our Haight & Ashbury Fall 2013 collection.


We have outdone ourselves once again and have tweaked this puppy for our modern man. We hemmed the blazer an inch shorter. (which for the ladies means more bum candy) and for the gents a more clean fitted and dapper look. Whip out your pocket watch, its about that time!


Ticket pockets are my new favorite thing other then WD-40 (I put that S%&t on everything). Ticket pockets are everywhere you look in our collection. Such a small detail but definitely appreciated. Here is a ticket pocket with a watch it. In case you dont know what im chatting about.


Even “The Gos” knows what happening. But then again this guy does no wrong. How could you after the Notebook.


What do you think about this OLD NEW trend? Yea or Nay? Oh and for the record a doubled breasted suit is to never be worn open. No one needs extra flaps waving around your torso. Just saying…..


Im embracing this fashion forward tapered cloth and hope I see more of them coming into October wedding season. So many October weddings this year. I have a feeling we shall be redoing our cut next Spr14 in lightweight fabrics.


Thanks for reading my double breasted lovers and keep blazering with us. -Team H&A #toronto


For Fall 13 we pondered and bit our nails choosing colors for our new Chino. Of course we said yes to brown, grey, black and beige. BUT we also said hello to Raspberry, cobalt blue, hunter green and merlot burgundy.

We are just going to assume not everyone wants to wear the dark cloudy colors of Fall.

So we are giving you the option to stay cheery folks.


Chinos are up there with your favorite pairs of jeans. Haight & Ashbury choose a stretch cotton for your bendy knees and yoga thighs. No complaining about comfort on these guys.


Brushed metal buttons, side slit pockets, slightly slimmed legged. #lesigh


Chinos match your tweed blazer and loose collared dress shirt. Also matches a plaid button down and a fine knit cardi (which we also have in 10 colors) #oooohwaaa Thats where the Alpa Chinos come from 🙂


Hot Sweaty Summer

Whew, what have you guys been doing? Besides loosing all my inner liquids!
This past week in Toronto has been a killer, I aint complaining just stating the facts. To be honest I have been off the clothes horse and jumped on the less is more motorcycle.

Lets look at some hot and sweaty summer looks where you dont feel the need to eat a million freezies and sleep with a bag of cold pees from your freezer.


Sheer Tees – We’ll take it. Try not to go uber sheer, no one needs to have all the focus on their nipples. But YAY for easy breezy beautiful man shirt!


Slouchy tanks with giant arm holes are ever so comfy. If you want to feel like your walking around topless these are the tanks for you. Dont go Montreal V-Neck Crazy – Keep it classy boys.


We love Chucks! The End!


Loose your belt? hmmmmm just rope it already. Not only cool but resourceful. #winning

Chill out Toronto – Its a scorcher! Until we start complaining that the summer ended too soon.


Sneak Peak into the H&A Plaid Parade

Shhhhhhhh…… We have plaid, plaid and more plaid.
Tweed is our fabric of choice for Fall 2013. So many great colors of tweed plaid and so many ways we can put them together.



GREEN & BLUE – BLUE & GREEN! Yes we did and it looks fab. This fun play on preppy school boy has come a long way and is now walking our streets.


Color Blocked Plaid is a fun and subtle way to make a statement. We call these pieces our Hybrids in the collection. Its like a party on the side and business in the front and back.

Plaid is your friend this Fall. Join the parade.

Dont pull my Cords

When you first hear the word corduroy you think of two things. 70s men in turtle necks and a bear with a missing button. Now you can think of Fall 2013 fashion trends and how you will be seeing more of these tweed patched cord 3 piece suits.


Haight & Ashbury has added a last minute piece to our leaves dropping collection. We had Tweeds, Wools and Velvets, but we were tossing and turning at night because something was missing. Eureka!!! We needed this flashback fashion piece and Abracadabra we have made it! Chocolate, black and cement gray with tweed details to bring it into our 21st century.


As separates these beauties work well alone and stand strong. You can mix your blazer with a thin knit turtle neck. The vest with a fun print shirt or the casual cord slack with a crisp tee. This different yet classic fabric is a perfect compliment to the colors of the Fall.


Levis has been rocking the cord boat forever and with a heavy following of supporters. What is corduroy? Corduroy is composed of twisted fibers that when woven lie parallel to one another. (thanks wiki) Thats knowledge for you lol


We have high hopes for our updated modern corduroy program and will post photos once we get first samples in. You may just want to drench yourself in this comfy cozy garment.

Screen shot 2010-10-19 at 9.35.58 AM

Catch you later missing button……